Launch of 'How To' videos

VIDEO LIBRARY: SAS Europe Launch Set of ‘How To’ Videos for Render


Manufacturer SAS Europe have been busy filming a range of ‘How To’ videos for their render products that include ProRend, GoRend and ProBead.

SAS video pageThe library of ‘How To’ videos are available on their website and YouTube channel. They give top tips for render application from the SAS Europe technical team, filmed at their Training College in Devon.

Gerry Gould, Technical Consultant said “We set out to answer some of the most frequent questions asked about render and application in a quick and simple format. Take five minutes to have a look, and you could save time on your next project.”

The most popular videos to date show how to apply ProRend Colourtex, a silicone thin coat render, and using GoRend HBS monocouche with a render accelerator. Commentary from Gerry talks you through the different stages and products.

SAS youtube channel

SAS Europe will continue to add new videos throughout the year and welcome your suggestions of what you would like to see next.

Watch SAS Europe products videos on their website – click on videos



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