ProRend Protects Art Deco New Buiild


Art Deco New Build Take a look at this stylish new Art Deco inspired home on the Isle of Wight in the January edition of SelfBuild and Design - Ahead of the Curve.

Finished in ProRend through-coloured render, with thermal blockwork walls and a modern heat-efficient flat warm roof.

ProRend Colour

ProRend Colour is our premium factory-batched silicone monocouche render. It has attractive mica in a through-colour render, that provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry type substrates, with an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish.

One of the biggest benefits of ProRend Colour is the low cost of maintenance, it can be easily cleaned by power-washer, no painting is required, can be overcoated easily for a fresh look.

ProRend Colour has fast application, just 1 day in best weather conditions, as is applied in 1 coat to specified thickness, then scrape when ready. It can be applied by spray machine or hand, leaving a highly water-resistant finish due to the properties of silicone that will protect the outer skin of the property from the elements. There is a reduced risk of cracking compared to other monocouche renders or traditional sand and cement, as water retention agents ensure thorough curing.

Art Deco New Build

Designed by Clutterbuck Edwards Architects and built by TC Bishop and Son, there are some fantastic interior shots in the magazine, showing the open plan and coastal light.  

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