PROREND External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS)

ProRend External Insulation Finishing System, EIFS for short, is a complete render solution for new build and renovation properties both residential and commercial.

These pages detail many of the benefits of the system as well as explaining the types of insulation which are available along with the 2 primary construction methods: adhesive and rail.

Also, this section of the website is written to be read in conjunction with the ProRend section of the website which explains in detail the ProRend Lite basecoat and ProRend Colourtex finishes: the final decorative finish of this system.

ProRend EIFS Adhesive Overview

Adhesive System

  1. ProRend Lite Basecoat
  2. ProRend EIFS Platinum EPS
  3. ProRend Lite Basecoat
  4. ProMesh Grade 3
  5. ProRend Lite Basecoat
  6. ProRend Colourtex Primer
  7. ProRend Colourtex


ProRend EIFS Overview

ProRend EIFS primary requirement is to comply with Building Regulations Part L, Conservation of Fuel and Power, simply put - to achieve the current thermal conductivity requirements for walls. It also achieves many other construction objectives such as providing an attractive façade for a property and protecting against the elements.

The insulation may be fixed to the wall by:

  • ProRend Lite adhesive with secondary mechanical fixings
  • Rails, which mechanically hold the edges of the insulation

Features & Benefits

  • Building Regulation compliant:
  • Part B Fire Safety
  • Part L Conservation of Fuel and Power
  • Watertight façade
  • Breathable render system
  • Cavity (Rail system)
  • Residential and Commercial properties
  • New Build and Renovation
  • Low maintenance systems

Ideal Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Timber frame
  • Steel frame
  • Existing render

Adhesive vs Rail




Insulation dimensions

1000 x 500mm

500 x 500mm

Mineral Wool Insulation

ProRend EIFS Rasp

ProRend EIFS Rasp

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

ProRend EIFS Rasp

ProRend EIFS Rasp

Fire barrier

Mineral Wool Lamella - only where primary insulant is EPS

Mineral Wool Rail Slab with Stainless Steel rails and intumescent strip



ProRend EIFS Rasp

Fixing method

ProRend Lite adhesive with secondary mechanical fixings

PVCu rails fixed at each edge of the insulation panel

Uneven substrates

Requires dubbing out of installed insulation


Curved walls

ProRend EIFS Rasp - using Mineral Wool Lamella



Once the insulation is installed application, of the ProRend decorative render system (stages 3 - 7 above) is the same for both Adhesive and Rail systems

Adhesive System

Adhesive systems use bonding mortars and secondary mechanical fixings. This is the typical EWI type system and is best suited to sound masonry backgrounds.

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Rail System

Rail systems are suited to backgrounds that cannot receive renders directly (such as timber frame) or where the substrate is very uneven, such as in refurbishment schemes.

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ProRend EIFS can be installed using either expanded polystyrene (EPS), or mineral wool insulations.

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Render Application

Following application of the insulation components of ProRend EIFS the decorative render system is applied:

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Sundry Items

Specialist finishing tools are required to achieve best practice.

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