Probead+ Meshed Wing Bead

probead+ / Meshed wing Beads

ProBead Plus is a range of beads including meshed angle/corner beads and window reveal/return (APU) beads. Specifically for use with polymeric thin coat render systems, ProBead Plus is designed to complement the ProWall and ProRend EIFS systems. 

The Noseless Meshed Angle Bead (NMAB) is designed to create invisible reinforcement and protection to corners of buildings and openings and help reduce the risk of cracking.

The Window Protection Bead (PWWBP) more commonly known as an APU bead is designed to give protection to the window during render application as well as reduce the risk of cracking and create a water resistant seal between the bead and window frame.

Item code Description Colour Render depth Length Box
NMAB Noseless meshed angle bead with 100mm and 150mm asymmetric mesh returns White 5-6mm 2.5m 100m
PWWBP Window protection bead with 150mm mesh return and self adhesive frame tape White 5-6mm 2.4m 72m

ProBead noseless mesh angle beadProBead window protection bead

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