SWIGA – Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency

SWIGA Guarantees are a 25 year insurance backed guarantees offering cover against defects in materials, workmanship and design.

The SWIGA guarantee is available as a separate guarantee to SAS (Europe) Ltd.’s own 10 year product guarantee and is supplied by SWIGA.


  • The work must be completed be a SWIGA contractor member
  • The contractor carrying out the work must be PAS2030 certified
  • The installed system must belong to a SWIGA system certificate holder member
  • The installed system must be BBA certified
  • The property must be 4 stories or less
  • A fee of £79 plus VAT must be paid to SWIGA by the property owner

Installers Obligations

  • Installers must be registered with SWIGA
  • Installers must be trained by the system manufacturer
  • Installers must be PAS2030 certified
  • A minimum of one PAS2030 certified installer must be on site for every four uncertified installers at all times
  • Installers must submit a pre-notification form to SWIGA at least 5 working days before the installation start date
  • Work cannot commence until the installers have received authorisation from SWIGA
  • Installers must submit the application for the guarantee once the work is completed and the installation has been signed off by the system manufacturer

SAS (Europe) Ltd’s Obligations

  • SAS must train the installers to PAS2030
  • SAS must issue installers with ID cards
  • SAS must endorse the installers application to become SWIGA registered
  • SAS must carry out a minimum of two ‘work-in-progress’ site inspections per year for each installer
  • SAS must advise SWIGA of the names of trained individuals
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