Prorend paints

ProRend paints are a premium factory batched range of silicone based decorative coatings, suitable for mineral backgrounds. Tinted at our colouring plant in the UK, avaialble in our standard colour range plus we can colour match to RAL, NCS or BS colour.  Supplied in 10l plastic buckets.

  • Highly flexible silicone base
  • Available in 65,000+ colours
  • Simple 2 coat application, using brush or roller
  • Highly water repellent
  • Low maintenance
  • Vapour permeable, allowing walls to breathe

ProRend self-clean masonry paint

Utilises the Self-Cleaning Effect so the surface is cleaned when it rains. The paint creates a microscopic texture, resulting in a hydrophobic surface that causes rain water to bead up. The beads of water run over the facade and removes dirt and contaminates. See our news for more details.

ProRend water repellent masonry paint

Highly flexible with a low maintenance finish, this coating protects facades from driving rain, yet allows walls to breathe. Easy to apply and repair.

Both come with our 10 year Product Guarantee. Contact us to order or for more details.

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