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Chapel Farm, Somerset A transformation of this village property, updating tired stonework in a soft vintage colour using ProRend Colour. Lindum development, Sutton-on-Sea These 44 new coastal homes are shielded from the elements with highly-protective, low maintenance ProRend Colour. Three of our standard colours were spray applied on this thoughtfully designed development. COLOUR| Premium silicone monocouche render COLOUR 2

PROREND COLOUR Features ProRend Colour is a premium, factory-batched proprietary silicone monocouche render. This through-colour render is fast to apply in one coat. ProRend Colour render provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry substrates, giving a highly water-resistant finish in a range of 16 popular colours. It has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish, with mica adding a subtle shimmer. • Ideal Substrates 7kN, 3.5kN and lightweight blockwork Existing render, unpainted New sand and cement Brickwork Pre-cast concrete • • • • • CALL 01647 24620 TO TALK TO THE SAS TEAM One of the benefits of ProRend Colour is low cost maintenance, an important factor for any proprietor. Maintain ProRend Colour by pressure washing to clean away dirt or organic material. No painting required, but can be painted with ProRend Masonry paint for a new look. Maintenance Fast to apply, just 1 day in best weather conditions: Apply in 1 coat to specified thickness and scrape when ready Spray machine or hand apply Highly water resistant finish due to silicone properties that protect the outer skin of any property from the elements Reduced risk of cracking compared to other monocouche renders or traditional sand and cement, due to water retention agents that ensure thorough curing Reduced dusting when mixing compared to other monocouche renders Apply from 15 - 25mm and cut to achieve ashlar or other detailing designs COLOUR • • • • • 3

COLOUR For more information on detail work or one of our training courses please contact the SAS Technical Team. To create a feature band, fix band battens in place before applying the render, then apply a thin basecoat between the battens and leave with a key. It is important that this basecoat is thinner than the finished thickness of the surrounding render, so it is not visible when the finish is scraped. Apply ProRend Colour between the battens and build up to the desired thickness. All areas must exceed the required finished thickness by a minimum of 2mm, as you will scrape the render to achieve the final finish. When the finish is ready to scrape, use a preformed cutting tool across the length of the band, wearing it down to the correct form. Once fully cured remove the battens and finish the remaining render to the edge of the band. Detailing 1 ProRend Colour can be used to form details. By cutting into the render at the point of scraping, you can create quoin stones, key stones, feature bands and ashlar grooves. 2 1 3 Feature band 2 3 Brickwork Ashlar COLOUR| Premium silicone monocouche render 4

Simple Application Note that the ‘Simple Application’ guidelines provided here will not be appropriate for every substrate. SAS (Europe) Ltd take no responsibility for application based upon guidelines provided within this brochure especially when a specification has not been provided. First, prepare the substrate in accordance with the technical specification for the project. This may include the use of a ProRend basecoat or primer. Apply ProRend Colour to a thickness of 17mm in 2 passes. Apply the first coat at 7mm thick with a hawk and trowel, embedding ProMesh Grade 5 around stress areas. Immediately repeat the application with a second coat at 10mm thick, so that the application is ‘wet on wet’. Use an aluminium straight edge to rule off the wall after the second coat, then spatula flat. When the ProRend Colour is sufficiently dry it is ready to scrape. To test the readiness to scrape, press the render with your thumb. When you can no longer mark the render with your thumb but are able to mark it with your nail, then the ProRend Colour is ready. The time of scrape will be dependent upon weather conditions, and varies between 4-16 hours. Use the nail float (scraper) to scrape the top 2mm of render off the wall by moving the float in circular motions, achieving a finished depth of 15mm. Then brush the wall down gently to remove dust. Contact our Technical team for a detailed specification of application for your project, or ask about render training courses at our centre. CALL 01647 24620 TO TALK TO THE SAS TEAM Application Application Ruling off Ruling off Scraping Scraping COLOUR| Premium silicone monocouche render 5

Technical Data General Information COLOUR Packaging, kg 25 Bags / pallet 40 Water, l ~5 Coverage, kg/mm/m² 1.7 Shelf life, months ~6 Curing, mm/day 1 • • • • • • Technical Data EN 998-1: 2010 L1 - Bulk density, kg/m³ ~1.40 L1 - Set mortar density, kg/m³ ~1.30 L2 - Compressive strength, N/mm² ~3.50 L8 - Water vapour permeability, μ (EN 1745:2002 4.2.1 Table A12) 5/20 • • • • Maximum grain size, mm ~2.00 Emodule, coefficient of elasticity, N/mm² ~2,700.00 Bending strength, N/mm² ~1.50 Mortar group, DIN V 18550 PII • • • • Additional Technical Data Premium silicone monocouche render Commercial or housing developments ProRend Colour incorporates the benefits of silicone waterrepellency into a cement-based render system, making it low maintenance and resistant to cracking. Perfect for all types of building from retail units to housing developments. COLOUR 6

COLOUR Bamboo Ivory Ocean Brick Candy Cottage Peach Primrose Sage Wheat Willow African Grey Dove Fawn White Cream ProRend Colour is available in the following colours in a fine scratch finish, with mica adding a subtle shimmer. Ask for a free sample in your chosen colour before ordering. The colours shown here are as close as we can print, so please ask for samples before making your final colour choice. Remember - we have matching coloured ProBead render beads available. CALL 01647 24620 TO TALK TO THE SAS TEAM Premium silicone monocouche render 7

BASECOATS Basecoat Selector SUBSTRATE 7kN dense concrete block 3.5kN dense concrete block Lightweight block Existing render, unpainted Render carrier board Brickwork Pre-cast concrete ICF: Insulated concrete form Expanded polystyrene Mineral fibre insulation COLOUR COLOURTEX ProRend has three basecoats: Float, Prep and Lite. These are supplied as dry mortars, simply add clean water and mix. Use as needed with ProRend Colour or ProRend Colourtex silicone thincoat render. This selector is a guide only; please talk to one of our technical team about the specific substrate you have. They may recommend using our thincoat render ProRend Colourtex, or additional products such as primers or render reinforcing mesh. ProRend Float ProRend Float is a high quality, factory manufactured dry mortar. Especially suited to masonry substrates such as blockwork with normal suction, Float can also be used as a great value and modern alternative to sand and cement. Features • Lightweight lime sand cement render • Apply by hand or machine • An ideal substitute for traditional sand and cement that avoids on-site mixing and measuring • A suitable basecoat for all ProRend decorative renders or masonry paint • Float can be smooth finished, sponge textured, or keyed to receive a subsequent coat. Ideal substrates • 7kN blockwork • 3.5kN blockwork • New sand and cement BASECOATS No basecoat needed No basecoat needed Prep Prep Use Colourtex Prep Prep Use Colourtex Use Colourtex Use Colourtex P P P P Float Float Prep+ Float Prep Lite Prep+ Float Prep Lite Lite Lite P P P P P P P P P P C C 8

BASECOATS ProRend Prep ProRend Prep is a high quality, factory manufactured dry mortar, especially suited for levelling and renovation on mineral and synthetic backgrounds. Prep is well-suited to low or high suction backgrounds such as lightweight block or pre-cast concrete. Features • Apply by hand or machine • Ideal for substrates with variable or wide-ranging suction • A suitable basecoat for all ProRend decorative renders or masonry paint • Prep can be smooth finished, sponge textured, or keyed to receive a subsequent coat. Ideal substrates • Lightweight blockwork • Existing render unpainted • Brickwork • Pre-cast concrete ProRend Lite ProRend Lite is a high quality, lightweight polymer-modified dry mortar. It is ideal for use on insulation, or render carrier boards as a basecoat for the ProRend Colourtex range of decorative finishes. Features • Apply by hand or machine • An ideal basecoat for ProRend Colourtex decorative render, or as a keycoat for other ProRend basecoats • Lite can be smooth finished, sponge textured, or keyed to receive a subsequent coat. Ideal substrates • Render carrier board • Insulated concrete form (ICF) • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) • Mineral fibre insulation CALL 01647 24620 TO TALK TO THE SAS TEAM 9

• High quality render bead • A wide range of profiles • Range of 18 standard colours • Custom colours to order • Through-coloured PVCu • 25-year guarantee against failure Popular Profiles PROFESSIONAL PVCu RENDER AND PLASTER BEADS Angle For a sharp corner. Available in Wide and Standard Stop To finish and protect render edges Bellcast To form and protect the lower edge of the render Expansion Placed over joints and changes in substrate to reduce cracking Plus beads A range of specialist beads including meshed angles, window reveal and base bead. PROBEAD 10

• Alkaline resistant • Pressed weave • Lightweight • 5 grades • Durable and tear resistant • 10-year guarantee against failure • We supply complete UK render systems using the highest quality products - accredited by the BBA, the NHBC, and CE marked • We have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Management Systems across all of our manufacturing sites • Our team offer unrivalled support, working directly with you from the initial design to the finished product • Take advantage of our consultation services from design to application • SAS provide technical resources at all stages of development; including library and bespoke CAD drawings; thermal calculations; colour matching and onsite support • We can recommend contractors who are trained to our high standards • We provide training on the application of our render systems and products at our ProRend training centre Why choose us? ProRend Training Centre CALL 01647 24620 TO TALK TO THE SAS TEAM • Practical and classroom learning • Day courses held at our centre in Devon • Use products on our practice walls • Learn render system design and application • Case studies and demonstrations • Earn certification • Join our Applicator Network • Call us to book for you and your team Choose a winning combination for a great finish 11

SAS (EUROPE) LTD CHERITON BISHOP | EXETER | EX6 6JE | UK T: +44 (0)1647 24620 F: +44 (0)1647 24020 E: RAINSCREEN | INSULATION | RENDER | MESH | BEADS ProRend Colour is part of the SAS (Europe) Ltd range of products and systems SAS At SAS we have more than 35 years of practical experience in the rendering and facades industry. Our team have practical experience of applying products, we work with specifiers and provide technical problem-solving on site. SAS supply the highest quality external products for your build projects, and have an experienced technical team to get the results you want. We are constantly innovating to provide the best solutions for rendering and plastering. Our premium quality products offer longevity to the proprietor as well as technically sound and fast applications to the contractor. Office Hours Nationwide Delivery Stock items : 1-2 working days Non stock items: Up to 10 working days Monday-Thursday - 08:00-17:00 Friday - 08:00-16:30 Call the office on 01647 24620 Information contained in this brochure is correct at the time of print. SAS (Europe) Ltd reserve the right to make alterations to the content of this brochure and to the products and services we make available as part of our continuing commitment to improvement. Colour