ProRend Colour Brochure

COLOUR For more information on detail work or one of our training courses please contact the SAS Technical Team. To create a feature band, fix band battens in place before applying the render, then apply a thin basecoat between the battens and leave with a key. It is important that this basecoat is thinner than the finished thickness of the surrounding render, so it is not visible when the finish is scraped. Apply ProRend Colour between the battens and build up to the desired thickness. All areas must exceed the required finished thickness by a minimum of 2mm, as you will scrape the render to achieve the final finish. When the finish is ready to scrape, use a preformed cutting tool across the length of the band, wearing it down to the correct form. Once fully cured remove the battens and finish the remaining render to the edge of the band. Detailing 1 ProRend Colour can be used to form details. By cutting into the render at the point of scraping, you can create quoin stones, key stones, feature bands and ashlar grooves. 2 1 3 Feature band 2 3 Brickwork Ashlar COLOUR| Premium silicone monocouche render 4