ProRend Colour Brochure

Simple Application Note that the ‘Simple Application’ guidelines provided here will not be appropriate for every substrate. SAS (Europe) Ltd take no responsibility for application based upon guidelines provided within this brochure especially when a specification has not been provided. First, prepare the substrate in accordance with the technical specification for the project. This may include the use of a ProRend basecoat or primer. Apply ProRend Colour to a thickness of 17mm in 2 passes. Apply the first coat at 7mm thick with a hawk and trowel, embedding ProMesh Grade 5 around stress areas. Immediately repeat the application with a second coat at 10mm thick, so that the application is ‘wet on wet’. Use an aluminium straight edge to rule off the wall after the second coat, then spatula flat. When the ProRend Colour is sufficiently dry it is ready to scrape. To test the readiness to scrape, press the render with your thumb. When you can no longer mark the render with your thumb but are able to mark it with your nail, then the ProRend Colour is ready. The time of scrape will be dependent upon weather conditions, and varies between 4-16 hours. Use the nail float (scraper) to scrape the top 2mm of render off the wall by moving the float in circular motions, achieving a finished depth of 15mm. Then brush the wall down gently to remove dust. Contact our Technical team for a detailed specification of application for your project, or ask about render training courses at our centre. CALL 01647 24620 TO TALK TO THE SAS TEAM Application Application Ruling off Ruling off Scraping Scraping COLOUR| Premium silicone monocouche render 5