ProRend Colour Brochure

BASECOATS Basecoat Selector SUBSTRATE 7kN dense concrete block 3.5kN dense concrete block Lightweight block Existing render, unpainted Render carrier board Brickwork Pre-cast concrete ICF: Insulated concrete form Expanded polystyrene Mineral fibre insulation COLOUR COLOURTEX ProRend has three basecoats: Float, Prep and Lite. These are supplied as dry mortars, simply add clean water and mix. Use as needed with ProRend Colour or ProRend Colourtex silicone thincoat render. This selector is a guide only; please talk to one of our technical team about the specific substrate you have. They may recommend using our thincoat render ProRend Colourtex, or additional products such as primers or render reinforcing mesh. ProRend Float ProRend Float is a high quality, factory manufactured dry mortar. Especially suited to masonry substrates such as blockwork with normal suction, Float can also be used as a great value and modern alternative to sand and cement. Features • Lightweight lime sand cement render • Apply by hand or machine • An ideal substitute for traditional sand and cement that avoids on-site mixing and measuring • A suitable basecoat for all ProRend decorative renders or masonry paint • Float can be smooth finished, sponge textured, or keyed to receive a subsequent coat. Ideal substrates • 7kN blockwork • 3.5kN blockwork • New sand and cement BASECOATS No basecoat needed No basecoat needed Prep Prep Use Colourtex Prep Prep Use Colourtex Use Colourtex Use Colourtex P P P P Float Float Prep+ Float Prep Lite Prep+ Float Prep Lite Lite Lite P P P P P P P P P P C C 8